Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taxation without representation

So this weekend I got a parking ticket. What's worse is that the temporary no parking sign that went up causing me to get said ticket happened after I had parked, before I returned to my automobile, and before the time on my meter expired. You know why they blocked off parking so expeditiously? So the wife beaters playing in the NBA all-star game could have a place to park their huge limos and Navigators that night. Worse off it was a $65 parking ticket.

But there might be a brightside to all of this and this is where I need the collective sage advice of the other 2 maybe 3 people who read this. I still have my DC plates. Furthermore, the braintrust who wrote my ticket put down "WA" in the spot reserved for state.

HA! So what does this mean for me? I'm accepting suggestions as well as donations into my paypal account.